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Easter Island ~ Rapa Nui


Acadia National Park

Harford County, Maryland

Miscellaneous Scenics

The "Negative" Years

The four folios below were originally exposed as B&W negatives and are featured in my books Acadia, a Portrait and Looking Back: The Negative Years

The Moon has been Eaten

images from a year on Easter Island

The Moon has been Eaten

more images from Easter Island

Review of Easter Island project exposures with something of an evolving perspective… and a third volume in mind.

An ongoing project, rife with mini projects. Related blog postings, with text and all images, are initially collected into Albums on the Blog Albums page. This is not all that time consuming – postings are easily saved as PDFs and then drag-drop combined.

The Havre de Grace Folio gathers my favorites from these collections. The Folio is subdivided into categories.

Havre de Grace Street and Performance

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Moonshine Hafla

Rogue Swan

Other (Wind Up Toy, Duke Thompson, Virginia Wolf)

Grouped from above:

Tapati Rapanui 20072008   •   Roberto Pakomio tribute